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NuBIM® Vulcraft/Verco Add-In For Revit® Software


Vulcraft/Verco Group’s NuBIM® Add-In for Revit® 2021 is Now Available! 

The new version available exclusively from Vulcraft/Verco Group includes a number of upgrades to aid in joist and deck specification. 

Features for 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, and 2021!

Batch Printing Tool

*Can create individual or combined pdf's

*Automatic paper size selection

*Multiple sheet sizes in the same print



​Automatic Load Application

*Stock Revit loads can be placed and automatically distributed on joists

*Load Diagrams are created automatically 



​Special Profile Families have been upgraded for more flexibility






Existing Features

  • Joist Types Available: K, KCS, LH, DLH, CJ, Ecospan®, Joist Girder
  • Special Profile Joists: Scissor, Archchord, Bowstring, Double Pitch, Multi Pitch, Single Pitch
  • Special Profile joists now have more flexibility for end depths and mid-span depths
  • Joist End Tagging allows you to automatically place joist end data on your drawings
  • Joist Loading Specification has been improved
  • Dynamic Load Diagrams can now be created
  • Joist Load Tables can be placed on drawings like any other standard Revit schedule
  • All joist families show Conceptual Web Layouts at fine detail level
  • Joist seats automatically adjust based on the slope of the joist
  • Vulcraft/Verco deck profiles, including the new Dovetail Deck, are also available through the NuBIM Add-In for complete specification of your Revit floor/roof system


All of these features combine to increase efficiency and improve accuracy when developing the  model and creating the contract drawings on your projects.

At Nucor’s Vulcraft/Verco Group it is our goal to provide high quality products and service while keeping our costs low.  With the NuBIM Add-In for Revit we can continue to deliver on this commitment and help our customers gain efficiencies and better accuracy within their joist and deck specification process.

  • Download the NuBIM Add-In for Revit Installation Guide Here

  • An Updated User Manual for the NuBIM Add-In for Revit is Available Here

  • For previous versions of the add-in, please select the version you require.


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