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NuBIM® for Revit Joist Families

NuBIM® for Revit Joist Famlies

  • More realistic appearance

  • Greater range of special profiles – arch, bowstring, multipitch, scissor, single pitch

  • Easy to adjust parameters for Special Profiles
  • BWS, DBP, MP can have different end depths

  • Customizable end and bearing conditions, Top Chord Extension, Seat Depth, Bottom Chord Extension

  • Seats can be sloped (Automatically if used with NuBIM Add-In)

  • Analytical line/joist origin located at base of seats for easy insertion of joists at correct elevation

  • One family replaces multiple out of the box families – e.g. for double pitch you only need one of our joists whereas the out of the box joists require different families for different numbers of internal panels. Same for k with angles vs k with rods. It will automatically choose the correct type based on span, depth etc.