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Cellular Deck

Combining functional structural and aesthetic design and affordability in one product, the Vulcraft 1.5BP Structural Cellular Ceiling/Deck is the best of all design options. By acting as both a ceiling and roof, this versatile product helps you achieve economies in construction. And it provides the clean and uncluttered appearance that is perfect for many different applications.

The expense and trouble of suspended ceilings is eliminated when you choose our acoustical option. Sound absorption is provided through inert, non-organic glass fiber sound absorbing batts placed in the panels. They are capable of absorbing up to 80% of the sound that strikes the ceiling. Whether in protected or harsh environments the specially designed Vulcraft Structural Cellular ceiling/Deck systems perform as expected. Use them for interior ceilings, soffits and exterior metal ceilings. Economical and easy to use, our system requires no fasteners and gives you a flush
look featuring an even, solid surface.

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Cellular Deck Design Guide