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Deck FAQ



Q: Is Vulcraft 3N-deck Factory Mutual approved?

A: Yes it is. Please see our Vulcraft Deck Catalog for more information.


Q: Does Vulcraft supply insulation for deck?

A: Vulcraft does not supply thermal insulation. For acoustical deck, the Vulcraft price includes the glass fiber sound absorbing batting delivered to the job-site by our supplier.


Q: Do Fabricators/ Erectors have to purchase the PunchLok® tool for PLB Deck?

A: No. The PunchLok® tool is supplied when the material is ordered. The customer will put down a deposit that is for the use of the tool. When the PunchLok ® tool is returned the customer will get the deposit back.


Q: Are all deck profiles the same at all Vulcraft Divisions?

A: No. Some divisions have wider profiles. Please refer to the Vulcraft Deck catalog.


Q: What type of Deck finish is there available?

A: Please see our Vulcraft Deck Catalog for more information.

Q: Is there additional information for FM includings alternate profiles and welds sizes available?

A: Yes, Download the full FM Report for Vulcraft Decks Here.