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Canadian Design Tools

Canadian Design Tools

Vulcraft’s online design tools make it easier for you to specify our products, helping you increase project performance and reduce project costs. Our online tools will help you select the most cost-effective products for your project, including joists, roof deck, floor deck, composite deck, and dovetail deck. Please limit usage to 6 design tools at a given time for maximum performance.

Design Tool instructional videos are available on YouTube. Still have questions? Contact us at designtools-survey@nucor.com.


Knife Plate Connection Design

Check knife plates for both Top Chord and Bottom Chord Axial Load Transfer.

Shear and Moment Comparison

Compares the shear and moment diagram for two different loading conditions.

Open Web Steel Joist Selector

Curious what depth(s) are most economical for your open-web steel joist system? Using over 13,000 actual designs, this tool will help you compare your options.

Joist Tie-Plate Connection Design

Design your Axial-Load Transfer between bays with either an Under-Chord or On-Top Tie-Plate detail. Tool provides calculations as well as needed info to specify connection.

Composite Joist Floor System Aid

Analyze a Composite Joists System for your Floor. Tool provides specification guidance, estimated dead loads, stud quantities, bridging, and maximum sizes for ductwork.

Vibration Analysis – Walking

Analyze floor system for Vibration based on Walking criteria using SJI TD5 and AISC DG11. Tool is for Joist floor with several Girder options.

Joist Analysis Aid

Analyze your joist for combined uniform and concentrated loading. Tool will suggest where webs will see a stress reversal and a designation and bridging.



IBC Deck Diaphragm

Calculate your unfilled deck diaphragm shear and stiffness for your exact condition based on the American Iron and Steel Institute AISI S310-16.

Steel Deck Uniform Load

Determine the uniform gravity and wind-uplift load for steel deck based on strength, deflection, and attachment to supporting members per CAN/CSA S136-16 and CSSBI 10M-2018.

Steel Deck Roving Load

Calculate the concentrated roving load that may be applied to any rib of the selected roof deck, in addition to the defined uniform loads.

Web Crippling Loads

Calculate one flange and two flange web crippling loads based on CAN/CSA S136-16 and AISI S310-16 with different end and interior bearing lengths.


Unshored Span Calculator

Calculate your maximum unshored span per CSSBI 12M-2018 for thick slabs based on your design criteria.

Deck-Slab Diaphragm Strength

Calculate your deck-slab diaphragm strength and stiffness for selected deck profiles based on AISI S310-16.

Composite Deck-Slab Strength

Create your custom composite deck-slab strength and maximum unshored span tables for selected composite deck profiles per CAN/CSA S136-16 and CSSBI 12M-2018.



Bar Grating Design Aid

Need help deciding what grating to use? This tool will help you specify exactly what you need for your specific situation for a grating surface or stair treads.




Our NuBIM for Revit add-in allows users to specify and model all parallel chord joists and joist girders available from Vulcraft as well as a number of common special profile joists, Ecospan and composite joists.

Learn More About the Add-In for Revit®


Vulcraft’s Joist Plug-In for Tekla Structures enables you to specify Vulcraft joists during the creation of the building model. The model can be exported containing Vulcraft joist information, which can then be used by Vulcraft to aid in the quoting and detailing process.

Learn More About the Plug-In for Tekla®