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NuBIM® For Revit Batch Printer

Individual PDFs are automatically named base on parameters set up by the user (sheet name, number, etc.)

Revit requires you to name each file individually as it is printed. In addition, the default file names are long, and the default cannot be changed by the user to fit a different naming system.

Simple and intuitive creation, organization, and use of drawing sheet sets through the print dialog

Revit does allow you to create sheet sets through the print dialog. The process is not easy to figure out with out being instructed how to accomplish it, and requires you to select each sheet individually.

Individual sheet PDFs can have different paper sizes when printed in the same session

Multiple sheets combined into one PDF can be created with multiple paper sizes within a single PDF

Revit only allows one paper size to be used when printing individual sheet PDFs in the same print session.

Revit only allows one paper size to be used when multiple sheets combined into a single PDF.

​Paper size is automatically detected based on sheet size, even for print sessions with multiple sheet sizes

Revit has no auto-detect paper size capabilities.