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Steel Joists & Joist Girders

Steel Joists & Joist Girders

Steel joists and joist girders are key components of today’s roofing and flooring systems. Whether you are designing a single or multistory structure, steel joists and joist girders are an efficient, cost-effective solution that can add a great deal of value to your structure.

All Vulcraft joists and joist girders are designed and manufactured in accordance with the latest editions of the National Building Code of Canada or Provincial building codes. Steel members are designed per the latest edition of CAN/CSA S-16. Steel used in the production of Vulcraft chord and web sections conform to CSA Specifications. Vulcraft manufactures a full range of joists, including standard joists, joist girders, and composite joists, designed to work compositely with the concrete slab that is placed on top of the steel deck, creating a very efficient floor system.

In addition, Vulcraft can design and manufacture specialty joists, such as gable joists and barrel joists, to help the architect and engineer bring a specific vision to life. These joists can be a strong architectural asset to the structure just as much as they are a significant structural element to the building.

Steel Joists

Open web-steel joists are an engineered, truss-like construction component used to support loads over short and long spans alike. Typically used in non-residential construction, steel joists and joist girders provide an economical system for supporting floors and roofs.

As the largest manufacturer of steel joist in North America, customers depend on Vulcraft for consistently high standards of quality and reliable performance. Vulcraft welders supplying joists to the Canadian market are certified to Canadian Welding Bureau (CWB)) – W47/W59 standards and the plants are certified as Div. 1 steel fabricator by CWB to W47.1 standard. All welds conform to CSA W59.

CWA Certification - CSA W47.1

Specialty Joists

Joist Girders

Joist girders are primary framing members. The design is simple span, supporting equally spaced concentrated loads from open web steel joists. Joist girders are designed to allow for the efficient use of steel in longer spans for primary framing members.