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Special Products

Special Products










The following information has been compiled as a guide for developers, specifying design professionals and Vulcraft customers who have applications for open web products where the top chord and bottom chord are not parallel. These products can have single or double pitched chords, chords that have been cold rolled to a specified radius or a variation of both.  These types of products are called Vulcraft Special Products. Due to the complexity of these products, please contact your local Vulcraft district office before proceeding. 

Our staff will be glad to work with you regarding connections and technical features of these products as they pertain to your project.

Notes to the Specifying Design Professional:

Lead Times

Extended lead times may be required to properly detail, engineer and produce these product types. Due to the complexities of these special products, it is recommended that the specifying design professional indicate that Vulcraft detail all projects utilizing these special products.

Design Method

The design for these products is in accordance with the latest edition of CAN/CSA S-16.


These products are welded in accordance with the requirements of CSA Standard W59. They are the same structural welds that can be seen on all of our products. Please contact your local Vulcraft district office to discuss any special welding requirements.

Temporary Shop Coat

The standard shop applied rust-inhibiting primer for Vulcraft joists is a single coat intended to protect the steel for only a short period in ordinary atmospheric conditions. The shop primer is not intended to be the finished surface.

The joists are fabricated from new steel, which is stored inside, with no special surface preparation. After fabrication, the joists are dip primed to provide a single coat of primer. Upon drying, some runs and drips can be detected.

Please note that any coat of primer applied at the manufacturing facility is subject to significant abrasions during handling and shipping. If the shop-applied primer finish and appearance are important for your application, provisions for touch-up and field painting (Not by Vulcraft) should be specified. The local Vulcraft district office will be glad to assist you in coordinating your needs with our capabilities to ensure your satisfaction.


The specifying design professional shall specify the camber requirement. If camber is not specified, Vulcraft will use a standard camber per section 16.5.13 of CAN/CSA S-16 (0.2% of the span) or possibly no camber for certain scissor, arched, bowstring, or gable profiles.

Bolted Field Splices

A combination of length, depth and/or profile can create the need for a bolted field splice. Please contact your local Vulcraft district office for special splice requirements.

Shipping Guidelines

The Ministry of Transportation in most provinces limits the length and depths of loads on their highways. These products, by nature of their special geometries, may exceed these maximums and some special provisions will be required, such as bolted field splices. Please contact your local Vulcraft district office to address these concerns.

Bridging Requirements

Bridging and/or uplift braces will be required. The specific requirements will be determined in accordance with the provincial safety regulations and the latest edition of CAN/CSA S-16.